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Our mould remediation process:

Our mould remediation process depends on the amount of mould growth and the types of surfaces on which the mould appears.


The first step in mould remediation is for us to attend at your property to carry out an inspection and moisture detection.


We then need to identify the extent of the water damage and mould growth and provide
recommendations for further works.


We contain the area to stop the mould from spreading throughout the property.


We then remove and dispose of all mould and mouldy materials, and clean and dry any
salvageable personal belongings and any other restorable items.


We set up air filtration devices for the duration of the works to remove air borne contaminants and use a range of cleaning techniques to carry out thorough cleaning and sanitising of the affected areas.


Mould can become airborne very quickly. If the mould becomes airborne, it can spread and:

  • Be breathed in by you, your children, and your pets
  • Cause an allergic reaction, such as sneezing and a runny nose
  • Irritate your eyes, and they can become extremely sore and red
  • Can cause skin rashes and irritations
  • Bring on an asthma attack

Why trust us with your mould remediation:

Thorough & Professional Mould Remediation Even Gets the Mould You Can’t See

As Mould Remediation experts, we offer a thorough solution to your mould problems, because we:


Have the right technology and tools to thoroughly inspect for moisture


Produce thorough reporting so you’ll never have any issues making an insurance claim


Have highly trained technicians, certified by the IICRC and ITI


Bring peace of mind knowing that you’re dealing with professionals


Are friendly, reliable and honest in every interaction

What happens if I attempt to Remove the Mould Myself?


Mould spores can be spread further, making things worse for you


You could end up breathing in the mould spores, which are toxic to you


Without thorough mould removal and drying of the damp surfaces it is unlikely to solve the problem for good

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Another reason to only trust your project to
Complete Water Damage Services


4 Signs You Need Professional Mould Remediation

If you see or suspect the presence of mould in your property, CALL US on 08 8371 4707 for an inspection and assessment. Mould often thrives in hard to reach or hard to see spaces. Calling upon trained and certified professionals is the only way for you to gain complete peace of mind.

Please call us if:

7 Days +

It’s been 7 days or more since you’ve experienced any of the following in your property: a slow water leak, roof leak, burst pipe, flooding, or spillage of liquid, yet you can still smell mould.

Asthma Symptoms

You suffer from asthma or mould allergies and you discover that your symptoms have become worse whist you are at your property. Professional mould remediation is extremely important for your health.

Mould Spotted

You can see or smell mould on any of the following surfaces: carpet, vinyl or any other flooring, cabinetry, walls or skirting boards, or ceilings.

Mouldy Smell

You HAVEN’T noticed any of the above, yet something still smells like mould.

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